how to delete private data from mozilla firefox when you close the browser

firefox custom privacy

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. As with any web browser there is a lot of data collected as you browse the web. These set of data contains many different types of information: the browsing history, the site cookies, the cache, and personal data among others. Many times you might want to delete…

how can you delete saved passwords from mozilla firefox

firefox - remove all passwords

Mozilla Firefox, as with most modern browsers give you the ability to save passwords for different websites and webpages. This makes web browsing easier, as it does allow you to easily log in to websites that you visit often. But sometimes you want to delete these saved passwords…of websites that you don’t use anymore or even to just remove the clutter….

how to change the wireless network name (SSID) in the network router

network ssid in asus

A network router is an important part of the home network. Although it is not strictly essential, it is an important to have a network router if you want to use multiple devices or for wireless access and for security. All network routers come with a predefined name for the network. You do not have to change these names unless you want…

how to create an XML sitemap using wget and shell script

Snippet from an XML Sitemap

A SiteMap or Site Map is a file that lists the pages of a webpage that are accessible to users and search engines. This can be in any format as long as whoever is reading it can understand the format. There are mainly two types of format that are used when creating a site map: XML and HTML. All websites…

what determines a keyword’s click-through rate (CTR) in marketing?

Keywords CTR in Google Adwords

You use keywords almost everywhere whether you are consumer, an advertiser or a content publisher. Keywords is one of the major factors that ties all of these different processes together. A consumer (or a web user) typically uses keywords to search for content, services or products. An advertiser uses (these) keywords to advertise his products or services such that the…

how and why to defer parsing of javascript in a webpage

Defer Parsing of Javascript

Most modern day websites heavily use client scripts to make the websites dynamic, responsive and personalized. The most popular of these scripts is the JavaScript, which is used to display third party widgets, dynamic menus, responsive forms etc. to name a few. These scripts however do have the potential to negatively impact the rendering speed of a webpage. This is…

the pros and cons of using 3rd party external scripts in websites

Scripts from different domains

Most modern-day websites use several different features that are provided by third-party vendors. The use of these third-party features or plugins allow you to easily incorporate common and popular functionalities without having to develop them yourself or in-house. Many of these are implemented using JavaScript and CSS technology. Just to give you an idea as to what these are: some of the common…

how to use a mailto link tag in html webpages

choose mailto link application in firefox

Many small business websites are build once and usually never maintained after that. The content updates are far and few in between and the functionality pretty much stays the same. never fixed when broken. This is especially true of non-retail websites that do not sell any products online. One of important functionality of such websites is the ability for the…

sitemap generators: how to generate sitemaps for a website or blog

Snippet from an XML Sitemap

Sitemap is a list of URLs to webpages in your website that are to be made accessible to search engines and web crawlers. There are several different reasons to have a sitemap for the website most of which is related to SEO. This URL list is usually stored in an XML file, using an XML structured format that allows you to…

seo: how to minimize the request size in an HTTP request

SEO: Request Size

Every page load on the web browser involves several connections to the server usually numbering in the hundreds, each of which ideally involves a request to the server and a response from the server. In order to speed up the page load times, you will need to reduce both the number of requests as well as the size of the…