how to make a black rose cocktail martini

black rose cocktail with bourbon

The Black Rose cocktail is a drink with the base spirit as whiskey and usually is made with bourbon. This is a variation of the much more popular and classic Sazerac drink. There are quite a few drinks with the name of Black Rose, many of which are not variations of this recipe but are completely different drinks. This drink…

the boulevard drink recipe: also called the boulevard manhattan

boulevard drink with rye whiskey

The Boulevard drink is a drink from the early 20th century dating back to the prohibition era. The drink uses Rye Whiskey as the base spirit. It is a drink recipe with not a whole lot of information about its origins. It first appeared in New York Sun by G. Selmer Fougner in 1935. Sometimes also referred to as the…

how to make a new orleans cocktail martini

New Orleans Martini

The New Orleans Cocktail is a drink with whiskey, and bourbon at that, as the base liquor. The drink contains a sweeter component in the Curacao liqueur but is effectively cut by the bitters giving it an unique flavor. It is served up in a cocktail glass just as a martini. This recipe for the New Orleans cocktail was originally published…

how to make a rob roy cocktail…also known as the scotch manhattan

Rob Roy drink with Scotch Whiskey

Rob Roy drink is a cocktail that is very similar to a traditional or classic Manhattan. The Rob Roy is made with Scotch Whisky instead of the Rye Whiskey. For this reason the drink is sometimes also referred to as the Scotch Manhattan. The traditional version of this drink is usually sweet as it is made with the sweet vermouth. A…

recipes to seven quick and easy highball drinks…that you can serve at a party

Moscow Mule in a Copper Mug

A Highball drink is usually one that contains one base liquor mixed with a non-alcoholic mixer such as soda or tonic water. It is served in a tall or highball glass with ice. It is also sometimes refers to drinks that are served in highball (read tall glass). These are usually quick and easy to make, which makes it ideal for busy bartenders….

old fashioned drink recipe: how to make the traditional old fashioned cocktail

Old Fashioned with Scotch Whiskey

Old Fashioned is one of the famous classic drinks made with whiskey. It is a short ball drink and is served in a short tumbler glass, called the old-fashioned named after the drink itself. It is a simple drink which is designed to enhance the taste and flavor of the base spirit, typically the Whiskey. Certain recipes also use Brandy…

the scotch and soda drink recipe…if you don’t like it on rocks.

Singleton Scotch and Soda

Scotch and Soda is a highball drink for those who do not like the raw smoky taste of Scotch on the Rocks. This drink mediates the alcoholic smoky taste of the Scotch while still preserving its flavors. Obviously, as each Scotch has its own unique flavor, the taste would depend entirely on the quality and taste of the whisky itself. If…

how to make a seven and seven cocktail (7 and 7)

Seven and Seven Highball Cocktail

Seven and Seven (also known as 7 and 7) is a highball cocktail similar to the Whiskey Cola or Rum and Coke. The drink has just two main ingredients and derives its name from the brand names of ingredients itself, just as with Jack and Coke. The drink is made in a highball or Collins glass and is served over ice….

how to make a jack and coke, also known as whiskey cola

Jack and Coke drinks in a can

Jack and Coke is a very simple highball drink made with Jack Daniels Whiskey and Coca Cola. It is referred to by various names in different parts of the world, such as J.D and Coke, Whiskey Cola or just Whiskey and Cola. The drink is almost always served on ice in highball or Collins glass. Optionally you could also serve in…

how to make an affinity cocktail: a martini with scotch whisky

Affinity Cocktail in a chilled martini glass

The Affinity cocktail is a variation of the Perfect Martini. The Perfect Martini uses equals parts of Sweet and Dry Vermouth along with the Gin as the base. The Gin in the Perfect Martini is substituted with Scotch Whisky and with some orange bitters added to it. This cocktail works best as an before (or during) dinner drink. You can view…

sazerac cocktail recipe: how to make a sazerac drink

Sazerac in an old fashioned glass with Rye Whisky and Absinthe

Sazerac is probably one of the earliest known cocktails in America. It dates its origin back to the pre-civil war New Orleans in Louisiana. It is believed to be a corruption or variation of an old-fashioned cognac cocktail which was made from the now defunct cognac brand called Sazerac de Forge et Fils. Ingredients 1 1/2 shots of the Rye Whiskey (preferrably Sazerac Rye…

how to make a manhattan cocktail: the classic or traditional recipe

A Classic Manhattan drink in a martini glass with cherry

A traditional Manhattan drink is usually made with Rye Whisky and sweet vermouth. As usually is the case with many of the cocktails that have been around for a while, there are quite a bit of variations of the classic version that are just as popular. While the cocktail can be shaken as served as a traditional martini in a martini glass,…