how to chain commands in linux command line (with examples)

sort command with redirection

Sometimes you would want to run multiple commands in succession or simultaneously. This is usually useful when running processes or commands that is expected to run for a long period of time. This allows you to automate a process that include several commands that may or may not depend on the result of the previous command. Linux command chaining is the…

how to get more traffic from google adwords

Keywords CTR in Google Adwords

One of the major goals of running a internet marketing campaign is to generate more sales and revenue. In order to do so, you will need to generate more hits or traffic to your website. In the strictest sense, there are only two ways you can increase traffic to the site. One is to increase the overall or total impressions…

a simple strategy on how to choose keywords for adwords

adwords phrase match type

Quite often the challenging part for beginners, is the task of choosing and configuring keywords for different ad groups in Google Adwords. The most common questions usually include: What if I do it wrong and choose the wrong keywords? Why don’t I get enough clicks or traffic? Why does it cost so much? All of these questions are either directly…

adwords: how same keyword in different ad groups affect your campaign

Converted Clicks in Google Adwords

It is very common to have different campaigns in your account and different ad groups with in your campaigns. It is always ideal to have different keywords in each of these ad groups. But some times you will end up with the same keywords (or similar keywords) in different ad groups. First of all, this can happen accidentally especially if you…

how to make an alexander martini drink

alexander cocktail drink

An Alexander is a drink that originated sometime in the early 20th century. The drink uses Rye whiskey as its base spirit. I found the drink originally in the Straub’s Manual of Cocktail Drinks, which was published in the early 1910s. This was probably before the invention of another class of drinks by the same name. In modern times an Alexander is…

7 linux commands that will help you learn other linux commands

man rm command

One of the daunting task that most Linux beginners face is the sheer number of several different commands and utilities that are available. Some of these commands might seem to do the exact same things. Each of these commands have numerous command line options on top of it. Yes. having choices comes at a price. It is quite impractical to learn…

how to change line spacing or line height in html

html line spacing css

When coding html pages for a website, the line spacing of the text content is probably one of attributes that is usually left as default. Most of the time, you do not even think about it and the default works the best. The line spacing or line height is the vertical height between lines of text in a rendered html page….

how to make a kentucky colonel martini drink: A variation of the bobby burns martini

the kentucky colonel cocktail drink

The Kentucky Colonel is variation of the much more popular Bobby Burns cocktail. The Bobby Burns cocktail is a cocktail named after the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns. It uses Scotch Whisky as its base ingredient in true Scottish tradition. I initially found this recipe in The Essential Cocktail book by Dale Degroff. The drink was an original house cocktail…

how to format an usb drive in fat16/fat32/ntfs from linux command line

fdisk listing of drive

One of the reasons of having to use an usb drive is to transfer files between different machines, usually with different operating systems. Unfortunately, there are still enough Windows machines out in the wild that reads only specific file systems in formats such as FAT32 or NTFS. This means you will need to format your USB drives in formats that is…

how can you delete saved passwords from mozilla firefox

firefox - remove all passwords

Mozilla Firefox, as with most modern browsers give you the ability to save passwords for different websites and webpages. This makes web browsing easier, as it does allow you to easily log in to websites that you visit often. But sometimes you want to delete these saved passwords…of websites that you don’t use anymore or even to just remove the clutter….

9 little known but quite useful and productive features of google+

creating a poll in google+

Google Plus (Google+) is a late entrant into the social media universe and it recently turned 5. Many have written off Google+ as one of the failures when it comes to social media engagement. However it still boasts of several millions of daily users and still is a vibrant community. I think that despite the lack users and recognition, it…

11 simple rsync examples that you can use to be more productive

rsync examples in linux

If you have been working with Linux for any amount of time, you must be familiar with the rsync command utility. rsync is a very powerful tool that allows you to synchronize files between two locations, even remote locations over the network. It is a very powerful file transfer tool with definite advantages over any other copy programs. The generic…