how to make a pine-apple martini…an appletini variation.

A Pine-Apple martini is a variation of the Appletini and the Classic Apple Martini. The major difference between the drinks is the pineapple juice. The pineapple juice in this recipe adds a fruitier flavor to the drink when compared to the traditional Appletini drink.

The drink is cleverly named as Pine-Apple martini and is different from a Pineapple martini, where the major ingredient and flavor is usually the pineapple. The drink is usually garnished with an apple slice, but you could get creative use a pineapple slice instead.

The main flavor of the Pine-Apple Martini is still the apple, and the pineapple juice or flavor is mainly to enhance the flavor of the apple.


  • 3 shots of Vodka
  • 1 shot of Apple Schnapps or Calvados
  • 1/2 shot of Pineapple Juice
  • An apple slice to garnish


  1. Add ice cubes into a martini/cocktail shaker
  2. Add 3 shots of Vodka into the shaker
  3. Add a shot of Calvados or Apple Schnapps into the shaker
  4. Add a shot of pineapple juice into the shaker
  5. Shake well to mix the ingredients
  6. Strain the contents of the shaker into a chilled martini glass
  7. Garnish with a Apple slice or twist

Variations and Similar Drinks

Appletini or Apple Martini: Substitute the pineapple juice in the recipe with half a shot of Cointreau. Cointreau is an orange flavored liqueur.
Classic Apple Martini: Use 1/2 shot of dry vermouth instead of the pineapple juice.
Sour Apple Martini: Substitute the pineapple juice with a shot of the lemon or lime juice.

Cocktail with apple and pineapple

Tips and Notes

  • You could use an apple peel or a pineapple slice as garnish instead of the apple slice
  • Use apple schnapps instead of the Calvados if you want to create a light chartreuse color for the drink. You can experiment with slightly different proportions of Apple schnapps and pineapple juice to create the desired hue.
  • You could increase the proportion of the pineapple juice to about a shot if you like the drink to be sweeter and fruitier.